10 Ways to Build Bond with Your Child

Building a strong bond with your child is one of the most important tasks of parenting. A positive relationship with your kids can lay the foundation for a lifetime of love and support. Whether you are looking to deepen your connection with your child or just starting out to build bond with your child, this article will provide you with 10 practical ways to build bond with your child. From spending quality time together to practicing open communication, you will find actionable tips to help you create a strong and lasting bond with your child.

Parents can never get tired of expressing their love to their children. We are driven by our constant need to make them feel loved. Often it leads to loss of discipline in them and we eventually spoil them. As parents and adult it is very important for us to see things from our kid’s perspective and show consideration towards them. It requires a lot of work and energy.

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A large amount of work goes into taking care of another human being, yet when we are truly present with our little one, we frequently see that it simply makes us feel more alive than being completely present with anybody does. Often you might have head parents say when they get older that they wish they had spent more time with their child especially when they were young.

But how could it be possible when as responsible parents we are in a constant fight of survival in life keep us too busy. Well it requires very little efforts to pay attention to them while performing other tasks. After all, we all want to build bond with our child. Well to make it more clear let me tell you what exactly you need to do to build bond with your child.

10 ways to build bond with your child

Make you child your priority

Accept the fact that you will have to put in a lot of time in building that bind. Spending quality time will not always be possible and there is no switch to turn on the process of bonding. It takes its own course of time. Even when you meet your closest friend they also don’t quickly begin uncovering their inner self. Then how can we expect our kid to.

In relationships, without quantity, there’s no quality. If we spend all our time in work and them with their friends then, how can it be possible? So as hard as it seems with the pressures of job and daily life, if we want a better relationship with our kids, we have to free up the time to building bond with your child.

Build Sense of Trust

Building a sense of trust is crucial in helping parents build a strong bond with their child. When children trust their parents, they feel safe, secure and supported. This leads to open communication, and a willingness to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. As a result, parents have a better understanding of their child’s needs, which helps them create a positive relationship and deepen their bond. Trust also allows parents to provide guidance and support, as children are more likely to listen to and follow their advice.

Building trust requires consistency, honesty, and dependability from parents, which can be achieved through small actions such as keeping promises, being there during tough times, and being a good listener.

Make Communication easy

Communication is key to build bond with your child. It’s important that they feel like they can talk to you about anything and feel safe. They need to believe that they have a trusted ear who will listen patiently and not react in anger on their faults. Listen very carefully when they are communicating with you and give value to their thought which will help you in guiding them in the right direction. It is necessary to control your reactions for your child to keep looking at you as a trusted source.

Surprise them often

Everyone expects to be pampered by their loved ones and so does your little one. He is looking out for all love and care and is waiting for moments when you as parents would surprise him. Surprising your child can be a fun and effective way to build a stronger bond with them. Surprises create excitement and show your child that you are thinking about them and care about making them happy.

This can be anything from small gestures, like bringing home their favorite treat, to bigger surprises, like planning a special outing or activity. Surprises can also help create positive memories and strengthen the emotional connection between parents and children.

Additionally, surprising your child can help keep the relationship fresh and exciting, and prevent it from becoming routine and boring. When children feel appreciated and loved through surprises, it helps build trust and strengthens the bond between parents and children. So, consider surprising your child every now and then to show your love and create and build bond with your child that will be cherished for years to come.

Energise them with constant Encouragement

Your encouragement makes them feel recognized and capable of doing great things. The only assurance they look upon you is to know that you are on their side. If most of what comes out of your mouth is correction or criticism, they won’t feel good about themselves, and they won’t feel like you’re their ally. You lose your only leverage with them, and they lose something every kid needs: to know they have an adult who thinks the world of them.

Create a space of Mutual Respect

It doesn’t matter how young your kid may be you should always strive to build the bond on the grounds of mutual respect. Rather than feeling challenged on your authority the expectation of being treated with dignity comes very early in kids. You would often see them telling you to be polite or show their dislike towards your angry or blunt responses. Don’t we all chose people in life who we treat respectfully and get the same in return. So, we need to create that atmosphere where your kids feels respected and he will give it the same in return.

Join their hobbies

Joining your child’s hobbies can be a great way to build bond with your child. When parents participate in the same activities as their children, it sends a message that they are interested in their child’s life and care about their interests. This shared experience can provide opportunities for quality time together and help build a strong relationship. By joining your child’s hobbies, you can also show support and encouragement, which is essential for building a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Additionally, participating in your child’s hobbies can help parents gain a better understanding of their child’s passions and interests, which can lead to deeper and more meaningful conversations. Whether it’s playing a sport, creating art, or playing video games, joining your child’s hobbies is a fun and effective way to build a strong bond and create lasting memories.

Lead by Example

A child always look up to the behaviour of his parents and their personality becomes a major influence in shaping their personality too. If a child notices your good qualities and count on you as their role model, the chances of him getting more attached to you multiplies. However, if the child observes that you are an angry person or always keeps shouting, the child would be scared of you and would not likely get attached to you because of the fear factor. Thus, it is vital to show your right side and let the child set his career goals by getting influenced by you.

Avoid punitive behaviour

Isn’t it easy for us to just punish them for their bad behaviour thinking it will reinforce the right doing? Well sadly it doesn’t. You have to consider their point of view their mixed emotional feelings, immature behaviour and inability to understand and express their emotions better.

So try not to feel the hurt or simply let it go and remind yourself the love you have for each other to deal with it calmly and constructively. They would need our guidance on every step of their life but if in order to teach them we start punishing them for their mistakes, it will simply instil the fear factor and the bond will begin eroding. So remember that every difficulty is an opportunity to get closer or create distance. Choose wisely.

Turn off the Technology

Turning off technology can be a powerful tool for helping parents to build bond with your child. In today’s technology-driven world, it’s easy to get distracted and spend time looking at screens instead of connecting with our children. By turning off technology, parents can give their full attention to their child and create opportunities for quality time together. This can be through activities such as playing games, having conversations, reading together, or simply spending time outdoors.

This time together helps children feel seen, heard, and valued, which is essential for building a strong bond. Additionally, turning off technology sets a good example for children, showing them the importance of being present in the moment and connecting with others. By reducing screen time, parents can also help their children develop healthy habits and avoid the potential negative effects of too much technology on their development.


By being a sensitive and responsive parent you are likely to reduce their troublesome behavior’s, and build a warm, caring parent-child relationship. Remember never weigh yourself on scale that you may be not a good parent because no matter what, you will be the only one who will always think of their interest first. You are the best judge of your bond with your child and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Take it as a burden free and enjoyable journey of love together.

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