Honeymoon phase- The End or The Beginning

Honeymoon phase

What is Honeymoon phase?

The Honeymoon phase of life is that blissful early part of a couple’s life where everything seems beautiful. The couple is still on the road of discovering more about each other and no matter what happens during that phase it all seems charming and endearing. The best time marked with lots of love, laugh, intimacy and fun dates.
Let’s not confuse it with a couple’s actual honeymoon — a romantic vacation for two, typically taken immediately following or in the year after a wedding — the honeymoon phase is something essentially every couple goes through when beginning a relationship, long before thoughts of marriage enter the picture. Though in case of arrange marriages it sometimes takes place during the courtship period. It is often spoken as the most exciting time of any relationship. But it commonly comes to an end one way or another.

It is called a Phase because it ends!

The term Honeymoon phase is used because it is a phase that end or rather transitions into the other phases of life. The biggest reason the honeymoon phase is so exciting is that it’s too soon to know the partner’s full personality, with all its positives and negatives. “Everything about this person seems perfect because there hasn’t been enough time to experience their faults” and everyone has faults.

Well honestly after this ends the real relationship begins. It may be hard on some people as they develop a kind of dependency on the feeling especially as we all have a great influence of love stories we watch. You may not feel the same rush of happy feelings when you see your spouse and the desires of being your best fades. You have less sex because the buzz of infatuation has subsided. You may begin to notice some irritating traits that your partner(s) has. Suddenly it all starts from being about ‘US’ to YOU and ME.

SO, what happens when the Honeymoon phase is over?

Well, the reality sets in which is a good thing trust me. Love only comes with the known, meaning you have to know the person in order to be in love with them. The journey begins right after it ends which paves the way for a strong bond and a lifetime of togetherness.
Let me explain how it changes:
1. When you’re past the honeymoon stage, you don’t need big expensive meals or outings to appreciate each other’s company.
2. You become honest about the things you want to try and places you don’t wish to visit.
3. Your best attire and make up 24/7 takes a hike and you want to be yourself, comfortable in casuals.
4. You’re forced to be around each other after a disagreement and this lack of space actually brings you closer which help you learn to resolve a conflict each time you have it.
5. You share more of your life experiences and what all have shaped you and your life.
6. You may think of the fights but it also make you learn not to sweat on the small stuff as well.
7. You don’t worry about impressing each other’s parents anymore.
8. The bond and love you share becomes real.

If you look at it as a stage in the work of creating a lifelong relationship, you can enjoy this stage, too. It’s not falling out of love, it can be getting serious about love and living life together. Your task now is to create the future you want together, and it takes some work — but the payoffs of doing it well are tremendous.

All you need to do when you realize that this phase is over is to follow simple steps:

1. Try Communicating more and honestly about your feelings.
2. Show your commitment towards each other and in the bond to avoid trust issues.
3. Help each other in growth of their personal desires.
4. Don’t become lazy in complimenting each other.
5. Have fun together in everything you do when you’re together and keep the media indulgence at bay.


More open communication and honesty is vital for a happy long term relationship. The attitude of not giving up so easily and fight to be with each other no matter what life throws at you is the real discovery of love.