Hacks to keep your house tidy & clean

Hacks to keep your house tidy

We often get overwhelmed by our house and no matter how much we try to keep it clean and tidy, it still can look messy. No matter how many plans we make to keep it well and declutter from time to time still everyday it is a task that doesn’t result in the real happiness we want from it. So what is it that we do wrong and how can we not let that happen by adopting simple hacks that will keep our house and happiness in order.
From getting up till we sleep we use a lot of things and we displace many things in house as per our needs but when we simply don’t keep it back, it creates all the mess. So let me tell you how with little changes you can do it every day and make things better. These hacks will help you do more than just keep it tidy. They’ll help you keep it that way.

Tips and Tricks to keep you house clean and tidy

1. Making your Bed

Most of us don’t make our beds in the morning as a fixed routine task and it may feel unnecessary in cases where you feel no one is going to see your bed especially if you live alone. Doing it first thing in the morning when you get up gives you a sense of accomplishment as it hardly takes less than a minute.

2. Put you clothes where they belong

Whenever you put on new clothes or simply change to go anywhere make sure to put them either in the laundry basket or fold them back to the closet. Clothes left on the bed, floor, on furniture will create more mess than you can imagine. Not conducting your clothes mess properly will also make you feel lazy to accomplish it later. Though it only required a few seconds.

3. Return Items to the Kitchen

Empty glasses, candy or chips wrappers, used plates, cans and bottles all over the place makes it cluttered. After using any item from the kitchen, put it back right away so, you don’t have to find time to clear the mess in the house due to the kitchen items all over the place.

4. Keeping kitchen organized

Make sure to keep that counter top clean and empty. All the items should be properly stacked in the cabinets. Never leave those dirty dishes in the sink. Make proper space for those electrical items like toaster, blender or food processor. With clear countertops your kitchen will look organised and less messy instantly. Also even when you store anything either in the cabinets or in the refrigerator, make sure to pack them nicely and labelled for easy accessibility when required. Do not keep anything on top of the fridge and make sure you regularly clear away old cards, photographs, invitations, and notes.

5. Overstuffed wardrobes and cabinets

Shoving everything in your closet and wardrobes not only make them disorganized but the clutter makes it impossible for us to find anything in it. This will also help you in finding the things you don’t use anymore and can easily filter thing out from time to time to keep your house rid of unused and unnecessary things.

6. Create and maintain a place for shoes

From kids to adults all are at fault for strolling in the house and keeping their shoes on the floor everywhere. This not only creates a wreck by the chances of stumbling over them gets higher. Placing in a shoe rack is an incredible manner to stay away from such issues and keep it neat and clean. Developing a habit of placing your shoes in the rack is essential for this to work.

7. Ged rid of too many photo frames and decorative items

It simply is easier to maintain less of things and too many of them not only looks crowded but the piles of dust on them make it worse as it requires more time to clean them. Too many of such decorative items do not add anything extra to your aesthetics rather they lose that “unique” factor when they’re utilized in overabundance.

8. Unorganized Books and paper

Reading materials on coffee tables, bedside tables, and more make your home look messy. Store them on bookshelves or in baskets instead. At the point when books are decisively stacked or remained in gatherings, they add a huge load of polish and deliberateness to a room. Being an avid reader is great but keeping your reading materials on your bedside in the counters or dining table quickly make your comfortable house look congested.

9. Laundry

Laundry is a never ending and nerve wrecking chore that we have to do often and it becomes really hard to keep up with it. Be it dirty clothes or the clean ones, folding them and putting them to wash needs time. Even if you have a pile of clean clothes to fold, try not to bring them out from the laundry room if you don’t have time. Do it only when you feel it is possible for you to put them in the right place right away.

10. Toys

We all know that the number of toys we have in our homes if we have kids are bound to get out of hand. Be it the grandparents or events like birthdays and festivals that brings lots more of them in the house and maintaining them becomes a daunting task for the parents. Making different carts for keeping toys may look helpful but eventually you will not be able to contain it as it is the quantity of toys that will make it go out of hand again. Studies also show that children with fewer toys plays better and have better concentration and they also become responsible for their toys as their belongings.

11. Wires and cords

We all know that too many wires and cords hanging or lying in different open spaces look messy and also make them hazardous on many levels. Concealing these wires in a systematic fashion is important for the safety as well more than just the clutter. Many things are available online that help them keep organized and conceal them in a way that they don’t show up front and even if they do they don’t look bad by creating a safe space.

12. Make checklist

As cleaning the whole house will consume a lot of time and may also be a daunting task so, I would suggest you to make a checklist of the task and assign them days or time periods according to your convenience. Do it with one room a day with few other responsibilities that might need attention daily. Make a habit of throwing out, selling, or giving away something for every new thing you bring into the house.


This takes a lot of discipline because building a habit isn’t easy. If you can build the habit of always seeing every act through to its logical end every time, it will prevent a lot of clutter. In practical terms, this means that every time you use something, you follow through until that thing is back where it started. Also try taking it as a fun exercise than feeling burdened which will make it easy for you to accomplish your task quick. Our lives tend to be built up out of a lot of little “incompletions” that lead to clutter. If you can break that habit and see things all the way through, you’ll find a lot more improves than just your clutter situation.